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We want to reflect the vibrant community, and I'm sure when we have our studio and our AM broadcasting frequency and licence we will be able to engage with the local community and do just that.
The early history of FM radio is usually told in terms of the legal battle between Edwin Howard Armstrong, the inventor of an FM broadcasting system, and the Radio Corporation of America, which viewed FM radio as a threat to its AM broadcasting technologies.
HOSPITAL radio in Nuneaton is stepping into the 21st century with the capture of an AM broadcasting license.
That won't happen anytime soon, if ever; no more than movies replaced theater, FM replaced AM broadcasting, or television replaced radio.
1 FM becoming WIBC-FM and broadcasting a news/talk format, and 1070 AM broadcasting an all-sports format as an ESPN affiliate.
The AM Broadcasting (AMB) Subcommittee adopted the first-ever NRSC Guideline, NRSC-G100, Bandwidth Options for Analog AM Broadcasters.
LAS VEGAS -- National Association of Broadcasters Show - iBiquity Booth L2475 -- iBiquity Digital Corporation, the sole developer and licenser of digital AM and FM radio broadcast technology in the United States, announced that on Saturday, April 6, the National Radio Systems Committee (NRSC) endorsed its IBOC (In-Band, On-Channel) AM technology and recommended that the FCC authorize the technology as an enhancement to the current analog AM broadcasting system in the US for daytime usage.
The study will help the NRSC's AM Broadcasting (AMB) Subcommittee determine if any changes should be made to the NRSC standards that define optimal bandwidths for AM transmitters and receivers.
The results of the tests, which were conducted in accordance with the procedures defined by the NRSC, confirm that iBiquity's AM IBOC (In-Band On-Channel) system will deliver FM-like sound quality while preserving the integrity of the current analog AM broadcasting system.
a privately-held technology company owned by the largest radio broadcasters in the United States, and Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM), a global consortium from the broadcasting industry, today announced plans to work together in developing and promoting a worldwide standard for digital AM broadcasting.
3 /PRNewswire/ -- Continental Electronics Corporation (CEC), a subsidiary of Tech-Sym Corporation (NYSE: TSY), today announced its support for the agreement between USA Digital Radio and Digital Radio Modiale (DRM) to work together in developing and promoting a worldwide standard for digital AM broadcasting.