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AMO President/CEO Dick Lattimer, who is also Chairman of the National Archery Museum, has reported that the Museum, which doesn't have an exhibit site, is exploring the idea of creating an interactive online museum on the Internet.
Through the research, AMO Pharma hopes to uncover new insights that will aid future investigation of the disease while also assisting patients with the illness.
Congressmen Jim Barcia (D-MI) and Duncan Hunter (R-CA), who are bowhunters and co-chairs of the Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus Task Force on Bowhunting, honored AMO President Dick Lattimer with a tribute in the May 4 Congressional Record.
acting vice chairman; Jim Ploen of B&J Archery; Todd Vaaler of Gateway Feathers; Bob Lee of Bob Lee Archery; David Gordon of Gordon Composites; Ron Pittsley of Predator Bows (Darton); Mary Long of Tailormaid Archery; Dan Quillian and John Girardi of Old Master Crafters; Norb Mullaney of the AMO Safety & Standards/ASTM Committee; Peter J.