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IMAKE's OpenVision([c]) AMS makes it easy on operators to use and implement.
With the AMS SETWrite solution, agents log in and enter information for multiple carriers one time, eliminating extra keystrokes and redundant processes.
AMS Staffing can work with airport IT management or outside IT support and service companies, in effect providing scalable IT staff resources as required.
Throughout its rapid growth, AMS has remained dedicated to providing its producers with the best services, products and support in the industry.
0 has been very well received by new and current AMS 360 customers," said Bill Bunker, senior vice president of product management and marketing.
Personally I want to thank Carmen for her many contributions to the successes that AMS has seen in the past two and one-half years", stated Martin J.
In conjunction with the name change, AMS also launched a new Web site to provide information on AMS, as well as online registration.
Obviously on the evidence available, the AMS violated the university's free speech policy and the AMS is still censoring the pro-life students today.
Ariba's partnership with AMS and the launch of Buysense.
AMS is an international business and IT consulting firm.
In connection with the proposed liquidation, AVH further indicated that (i) neither AVH nor any individual or entity affiliated with AVH, will acquire the assets of AMS in the liquidation; (ii) no distribution of cash or stock will be made to AVH, or any affiliate of AVH, unless such distribution is made pro rata to all shareholders of AMS; (iii) neither AVH, nor any affiliate, will acquire unissued shares of AMS except in an offering made available to all AMS shareholders on a pro rata basis; and (iv) only direct expenses incurred by AVH in liquidating AMS will be reimbursed by AMS.