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Associated Press:

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local, national, international, or technical organization that gathers and distributes news, usually for newspapers, periodicals, and broadcasters. Evolution of News Agencies
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Associated Press


one of the largest information agencies in the USA, founded in 1848. It is an influential monopoly. For all practical purposes, the Associated Press, with United Press International, controls the news media of the United States in the interests of the ruling circles. The Associated Press has more than 100,000 employees (1970). News agencies in many other countries (including TASS) use its information.

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Daly regularly appears in media and has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Reuters, AP Radio and Fox News Radio, among others.
It would be nice to help the local economy if all the snow would fall when the ski area and the snowmobile trails were open,'' she told AP radio.
Being a cold water rescue situation, cold water extends life," Monrean told AP Radio.
She told AP Radio that Akin's rhetoric "re-traumatises sexual assault victims".
But Compton went on to praise Scully and his predecessor, AP radio reporter Mark Smith, for taking care of many of the organization's most pressing issues prior to her arrival.
Once the show is over, Smith told AP Radio, it will still be at least three years before the movie hits theaters because "animation takes forever.
Then, in rapid fire, CNN Radio called, followed by CBS Network Radio, AP Radio and Bloomberg Radio.
De Fontaine helped launch AP Radio in 1974 as its first assistant managing editor.
National broadcast coverage appeared on CNNfn, CNN Radio, AP Radio and money.
Also on April 16, Ross Simpson, an AP Radio reporter, was clubbed in the back by a police officer in riot gear.
So far, $6,000 has been paid out to reporters whose stories have been mentioned on AP Radio and in Bloomberg and Dow Jones reports.