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Even effects as large as those observed for the APOE alleles, however, present challenges for translating the newly discovered genetic associations to the clinic.
When cargo arrives at the APOE, GATES requires that it be checked into the system in preparation for its onward movement to the warfighter.
Targeted replacement (TR) mice were created by replacing only the coding regions of mouse APOE with human APOE allele-specific coding sequences, without disturbing any known regulatory regions.
In particular, APOE is a major component of specific lipoproteins called very low-density lipoproteins (VLDLs).
In accordance with these regulations, HAZMAT shipments entered into the DTS require a trained and certified shipper, proper packaging, and proper documentation upon arrival at the APOE.
A blood test is available that can identify which APOE alleles a person has.
In the study, researchers looked at 60 people, including 30 with the APOE e4 gene, and 30 control subjects.
This alerts the airmen at the APOE giving them greater visibility as well as the estimated time of arrival.
Functionals explained that the capability had been requested correctly but, if an item missed a ready-to-load date at the origin or an available-to-load date at the APOE, the original line in the TPFDD was deleted, and a new line with a new required delivery date was established.
DNA testing determined whether participants were carriers of the e2, e3, or e4 allele of the APOE gene, and they then were grouped accordingly.