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(1) (Access PointS) See access point.

(2) See Advanced Photo System.
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APS provides high quality titanium and HA spray coatings to the biomedical industry.
The Defense Department's SDI Officemay have KEW uppermost in its mind nowadays, but it nevertheless issued a statement that called the APS report "unduly pessimistic' and a "snapshot in time' that is seven months out of date.
The DMAA leadership award recognizes APS for its contributions and outstanding achievements in the science and practice of chronic disease care.
The trade show floor will be the site of the APS grand opening party, as well as meals and other events designed to encourage interaction among exhibitors and APS attendees.
For example, APS's new mission, "Top Five by `95," means that APS intends to be among the top five investor-owned electric utilities in America by 1995 in customer service, cost management, power plant performance, nuclear and industrial safety, and environmental performance.
APS offers that, too, along with seminars that you can actually produce copy from--like the agro-terrorism panel scheduled in Reno.
APS LINK is a package that includes the APS CHECKS software and interfaces with Digital Systems' Voicelink product, which enhances the productivity and revenue-generating capabilities of inbound and outbound call centers by providing high-quality, low-cost automated telephone contacts with customers.
What Wavion delivers today already outperforms conventional APs, and we're not done yet.
But face-to-face meetings at the APS are essential in strengthening those connections.
APS develops, manufactures and markets patented Microsponge delivery systems that allow for the controlled release of active ingredients.
APS Healthcare, one of the country's leading specialty healthcare companies, today announced that it has been selected by the state of Maryland's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) to provide utilization review services for the state's Medicaid beneficiaries.