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1 (Figure 4), PT 11-14 secs (Figure 5) and the APTT 24-36 secs (Figure 6).
Testing mainly paediatric population, it is advisable to use an APTT reagent which is sensitive to detect a possible underlying clotting factor deficiency while testing adults would require a reagent which could detect a lupus anticoagulant.
The APTT gives similar results to the PT with a total allowable error of 4.
Los niveles de factor IX descienden progresivamente hasta 14%, el APTT cruzado (mezcla 50:50) se acorta pero no corrige pasando de 73 s a 56.
The target sentence, required for reporting, was presented at 35 dB above APTT at 0.
com/research/948f70/global_aptt_market) has announced the addition of the "Global APTT Market: US, Europe, Japan" report to their offering.
These classical pathways form the basis of the two most frequently performed coagulation tests: the PT, which measures the extrinsic and common pathways, and the APTT, which measures the intrinsic and common pathways.
The APTT assay was performed using normal human plasma (obtained from 10 different donors at the Hematology and Hemotherapy Center of Ceara HEMOCE) following manufacturer's specifications (CLOT, Bios diagnostic, Sorocaba, Sao Paulo State, Brazil).
Patients with prolonged PT/ APTT had higher incidence of capillary leakage syndrome.
we observed a very modest prolongation of the PT and an analogously modest shortening of the APTT, especially in samples taken from patients undergoing warfarin therapy.