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Our patient, G7P4A3, is a 44-year-old woman who was diagnosed with ASDL at age 25 (her symptoms were not then considered serious enough to warrant immediate action) following the birth of her third child.
The National Air Intelligence Center and Lockheed Martin will jointly demonstrate and evaluate the ASDL concept with the intention of showing that an ASDL can be cost effective and viable in a large-scale commercial system.
ASDL has grown under his direction to an organization that has performed US$100M worth of research in new methods and tools in the past ten years and is home to 250 researchers including research faculty, Master's, and Ph.
In the event of shared use of the copper pair (unbundling access to the high-frequency spectrum of the local loop for the competitive provision of DSL systems and services by third parties), the incumbent operator continues to offer telephone services, whilst the new entrant provides high-speed services via the same local loop using the newcomer's own high-speed ASDL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) modems.
Broadband access via ASDL at 512kb/sec costs pounds 20.
The two NTT arms used to replace such devices free of charge for their ASDL subscribers, the nation's antimonopoly watchdog said.
Actionline has also installed an ASDL line to speed up communications.
Percy Malone 1999 13 Dial-up, ASDL, Web hosting/design Steve Yeager 1997 14 DSL, ISDN, Web hosting, unified messaging, David L.
15) And in 9:3 ASDL (or the like) = sgl 'lion', several scholars have suggested a derivation from Arabic asad + the phonetic complement -ar, as in ABYtl - ptl 'father'.
The European Commission services are reported to be closely monitoring the ASDL charges of the Internet access provider Wanadoo, an Internet subsidiary of France Telecom, according to an official closely involved with the case.
Robert Sutton, a former travel agent from Aberdare with an interest in desktop publishing and digital photography, is urging fellow householders and businesses to register for ASDL by signing another petition - at www.
One of my biggest disappointments last year was the complete failure of BT to roll out ASDL across the country.