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Both the ATA Flash Disk Controller and the CompactFlash Card Controller are also available in a 100-pin TQFP package.
SST's ATA Flash Disk Controller can recognize up to five external flash memory devices, up to 1 Gigabit density each, to create as large as a 640 MByte flash drive.
Users can simultaneously read/write or transfer data to as many as four PC Card hard drives or four ATA Flash, or any combination of four flash media.
Lexar Media offers commercial and industrial temperature-range ATA flash memory controllers for many of today's digital devices including network equipment, personal computers, PDAs, digital cameras, cell phones, video recorders and portable music players.
Viking is licensing and integrating Lexar Media's ATA flash controller technology into its flash-based industrial and consumer CompactFlash, PC Card and IDE product lines.
We appreciate Dane-Elec's commitment to our ATA flash controller product line," said Bob Leibowitz, Lexar Media's vice president, OEM business segment.
Other Flash products include Flash Drives ranging in capacity from 32Mbytes-1Gbyte, Flash Disk Modules ranging in capacity from 32Mbytes-1Gbyte, ATA Flash Cards ranging in capacity from 32Mbytes-1Gbyte, Compact Flash Cards ranging from 8Mbytes-320Mbytes capacities, Linear Flash Cards from 512Kbytes-64Mbytes, and also Linear Flash Modules ranging in density from 2 Mbytes-128Mbytes.
Standard PC Card hard drives and ATA Flash cards can be added and removed from the Pocket UDD like any removable media.
NASDAQ:SSTI), a leader in flash memory technology, today announced a new stand-alone, high-performance ATA Flash Disk Controller that boasts a sustained write speed of up to 4 MBytes/sec.
Through patented technology and an extensive design library, SiliconTech designers offer state-of-the-art custom and industry-standard Linear and ATA Flash, SRAM, and DRAM products in a wide variety of form factors.
Addonics Technologies today introduced an IDE interface drive solution with a PC Card (PCMCIA) slot that reads/writes to all of today's popular Flash media formats including ATA Flash and PC Card hard drive.