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Wright sees the change as a positive, saying he hoped that the ATAI will build enthusiasm among its members and licensees, as well as attract more attention to the Little Rock area.
ATAI, with more than 300,000 members, is the largest martial arts organization in North America and oversees more than 1,200 independently operated schools and clubs spanning five continents.
Endovascular surgical techniques are gaining popularity and promise to improve morbidity and mortality rates associated with ATAI.
We believe that shares of ATAI appropriately reflect the opportunities and weaknesses inherent in the company's business at this time.
Voir les resultats d'une enquete realisee aupres de 692 Atais (Pink Dendelion 1991).
Comine dans beaucoup d'autobiographies (on pense a Rousseau, naturellement, mais egalement a des contemporains comme Francoise d'Eaubonne (10)), une pointe de paranoia colore la vision que le protagoniste a d'autrui: le narrateur craint, et parfois la realite lui donnera raison, que les atais ne se transforment en ennemis.