ATC services

air traffic control services

A service provided to prevent collisions between aircraft and, on the maneuvering area, between aircraft and obstructions. This service also expedites and maintains an orderly flow of air traffic. Also called ATC services.
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With the funding coming directly from those who use ATC services, a genuine customer-provider relationship develops.
The EAA also critiqued the House bill, noting that its ATC privatization scheme "means that GA access to airspace, the availability of ATC services, funding for rural airports, charting, weather services and flight service, will all be at the discretion of a private industry board heavily weighted in terms of influence to the airlines and associated interests.
The French Authorities (the DGAC) have requested Ryanair to cancel up to 20% of our flight program for Wednesday, in order to ease the pressure on French ATC services.
LAL has been talking to Robinson Aviation about paying for ATC services directly, at a cost 40% lower than what the FAA is paying to man LAL's tower today by reducing the tower's operating hours and staff.
65 "Air Traffic Control" and ICAO Doc 4444 "Rules of the Air and Air Traffic Services," ATC services are provided to prevent aircraft collisions and manage air traffic efficiently.
in the exploration phase of this research was found that the agencies providers of this service compile quantitative data to provide indicators to measure quality, such as frequency of occurrence and aircraft proximity in flight near misses, runway incursions, loss required separation techniques, delays, notification of proximity of aircraft in flight, warning messages and alerts TCAS, loss of radar coverage and communications, among others; however it was found that there is not an instrument to measure the perceived quality of ATC services based on the discipline of marketing the service.
Ryanair Ryanair, which announced Tuesday it was forced to cancel 1,400 flights and delay more than 12,000 others as a direct result of Belgian, French and Spanish ATC strikes in recent months, formally called on the European Commission to Oend this ATC chaosO by removing the Oright to strikeO provision of essential ATC services in Europe and reforming the controversial EU261 passenger rights legislation.
User fees would degrade safety because private aircraft operators would be discouraged from using ATC services.
Whilst the provision of ATC is mandated through common standards by ICAO on a worldwide basis, there is no set policy for the implementation of ATC services, whether in terms of equipment design, training, procedural variances and accepted norms for that country or region.
Yet the small planes use 20 percent to 40 percent of all ATC services, and military and other government aircraft use about 15 percent (but pay nothing).