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org and chief scientist at Amdocs who also serves on the ATIS TMOC committee.
ATIS will also be presenting at the upcoming meeting and will be sharing the work program developed by its recently established IPTV Interoperability Forum (IIF), a new ATIS committee that will produce standards and other IPTV industry solutions.
org's members consist of leading service providers; software and equipment vendors; system integrators; and billing and mediation vendors who are collaborating to facilitate service usage exchange by implementing de-facto standards, which have been adopted by leading industry organizations, including CableLabs(R), the cable industry's research and development consortium; and ATIS, the telecommunication industry's research and standards body.
Within the last two years ATIS has increased its number of standards committees by five, adding to its sponsorship the International Forum for ANSI-41 Standards Technology (IFAST); the IMSI Oversight Council (IOC); the Interactive Voice Response Forum (IVR); the TTY Forum; and the jointly sponsored Administrative Council for Terminal Attachments (ACTA).
ATIS' sponsored committees include Standards Committee T1, which was sponsored by ATIS upon its establishment and also accredited by ANSI in 1984.
For years, ATIS members have worked tirelessly to develop and deliver critical industry standards, guidelines and solutions," said Martin McCue, Chairman of the ATIS Board of Directors.
The ATIS Board of Directors developed the blueprint following TIA's August 20 announcement to separate its trade association operations from those of its standards engineering committees, and to house the committees under a yet-to-be-established standards development organization.
The Incubator Solutions Program is designed to provide a defined and customized work agenda to best deal with industry needs," said ATIS Vice President for Technology Development Ed Hall.
The ATIS Incubator was an idea launched from ATIS' own diverse membership of telecommunications companies, representing every segment of the industry," said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller.
Standards, guidelines and reports produced by ATIS-sponsored committees are available through the ATIS Document Center, located at www.