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A unit of underpressure or pressure below atmospheric pressure in the metric technical system; equal to 1 technical atmosphere.


A unit of overpressure or gage pressure in the metric technical system; equal to 1 technical atmosphere.


(ADSL Transceiver Unit) A device that provides ADSL modulation of the telephone line. The device at the telco side is the ATU-C (Central), which is a line card plugged into the DSLAM. The unit at the customer's side is the ATU-R (Remote), which is either an external modem or a card plugged into the PC.
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Qualcomm is pleased to join ATU and looks forward to enhanced and ongoing collaboration," said Elizabeth Migwalla, senior director of government affairs for Qualcomm.
Heintzman said the bill has drawn substantial interest in the Democratic-controlled Legislature, and that recent internal troubles within the ATU should not affect its chances.
Differences in Effluent Quality, ATU Type, and Sample Timing
The Transportation-Communications International Union, another MTA union that has honored the mechanics' picket line, says the debate between the MTA and the ATU is over the retirees.
ATU has to present reams of information which requires lots of staff and legal time and long waiting periods before they can do that.
According to Alba management, there are claims that many of the members of ATU were previously members of ALU, which the two unions need to settle mutually before they could recognise ATU.
Chiarovano's departure was sought by ATU International Vice Presidents Tommy Mullins and Bob Baker, who were recently appointed as trustees of Local 1181, at the first meeting of the funds since the International Union assumed control the New York City school bus local.
The government and politics were killing ATU," recalls Dr.
George has imposed an immediate temporary trusteeship of ATU school bus Local 1181-New York, NY.
One decision you need to make when choosing a business phone system is whether to use ATU or a private company such as Comtec.
The ATU and PTU expand our product portfolio with two flexible, high parallelism units to address the cost-sensitive requirements for testing MEMS devices," said Alfred Langer, Rasco Director of Engineering.