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A unit of underpressure or pressure below atmospheric pressure in the metric technical system; equal to 1 technical atmosphere.


A unit of overpressure or gage pressure in the metric technical system; equal to 1 technical atmosphere.


(ADSL Transceiver Unit) A device that provides ADSL modulation of the telephone line. The device at the telco side is the ATU-C (Central), which is a line card plugged into the DSLAM. The unit at the customer's side is the ATU-R (Remote), which is either an external modem or a card plugged into the PC.
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Heintzman said the bill has drawn substantial interest in the Democratic-controlled Legislature, and that recent internal troubles within the ATU should not affect its chances.
type of ATU, as well as season, day of week, and time of day of sample collection).
24--Lessons From Columbine Sponsor: ATU Professional Development Institute Time: 8:30 am.
That's a very good deal that's going on there,'' First Transit's Bob Lindsey said of the ATU contract.
This issue of continued massive regulation of local telephone companies like ATU is really going to show here in Alaska in two ways.
ATU president Jim Yakubowski added, "We are not or would not have been recommending acceptance of their last offer based on the fact that they refuse to move off their pension proposal in any capacity.
5% in German auto parts retailer Auto-Teile Unger, or ATU, to majority holder, US buyout firm KKR, Reuters reported on Monday, citing a Doughty Hanson spokesman.
ATU leadership had refused to let mechanics vote on MTA offers, but reconsidered its position over the weekend.
ATU shared its wisdom with other phone companies around the United States by hosting a symposium at which Carpenter spoke last December.
Tenders are invited for Consulting Services to support communities from ATU Gagauzia and Taraclia district in the field of Inter-Municipal Cooperation (IMC) for more efficient public service delivery at the local level.
One decision you need to make when choosing a business phone system is whether to use ATU or a private company such as Comtec.