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(hardware, standard)
An open PC motherboard specification by Intel.

ATX is a development of the Baby AT specification with the motherboard rotated 90 degrees in the chassis. The CPU and SIMM sockets have been relocated away from the expansion card slots meaning that all the slots support full-length cards. More I/O functions are integrated on the motherboard. As the longer edge of the board is now at the back of the chassis, there is more space for connectors; also, the I/O opening on the back panel of the chassis has been defined as double the previous height, allowing vendors to add extra on-board I/O functions over and above the standard.

Most Pentium Pro boards use this form factor.

As well as the motherboard size, layout, and placement, the ATX specification also includes requirements for power supply and fan specification and location.

The full size ATX board measures 305mm wide by 244mm deep. There is also a Mini-ATX form factor, 284mm by 208mm.
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The ATX includes the 20 largest and most traded companies of the Vienna Stock Exchange.
ATX is a leading developer and integrator of customized, private-labeled connected vehicle (also known as telematics) services, including adaptive, voice recognition interfaces with drivers, to global automobile manufacturers, Hyundai's announcement that Veloster would come equipped with Blue Link[R] was part of the new model's market introduction at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.
Hyundai owners can access these services through a variety of interfaces, including an advanced voice recognition system designed and implemented by ATX.
We are excited that BMW has given us a vote of confidence in continuing a relationship that builds upon years of experience together and hundreds of thousands of interactions we've had with BMW owners," said Steve Millstein, president of ATX.
On September 21, the bourse will exclude car and aircraft parts maker Pankl Racing Systems AG (WBAG:PARS) and motorcycle maker KTM Power Sports AG (WBAG:KTM) from the broader ATX Prime index.
AtX will offer both brands with GPS satellite, location-based Automatic Collision Notification (ACN), designated in-vehicle Emergency Assistance (SOS) button, Roadside Assistance and Stolen Vehicle Location service, each entailing a connection from Toyota and Lexus vehicles to ATX's specialised Response Centre and between the ATX centre and local 9-1-1 or emergency dispatch centres.
Employing softswitch technology allows ATX to deliver feature-rich services and applications through its network while enabling its customers to reduce their total cost of ownership when deploying current and future voice and data services.
ATX joins only 60 other companies that have been inducted to the Hall of Fame in the 21 years since the magazine started the list.
The announcement comes just weeks after the introduction of the Mazda Roadside Assistance iPhone application that was developed by ATX affiliate, Cross Country Automotive Services (Cross Country), the largest provider of integrated vehicle and driver programs in North America.
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Rockville, Maryland-based UCG will merge the 10-year-old ATX with its existing tax-research information division, Kleinrock Publishing, which it acquired in 1997.
Under the brand names Max and Saber, ATX provides tax preparation software for more than 35,000 accounting firms and other tax preparers in the U.