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Actual Underwriting Profit/Losses (AUP) (1996-2014 in percent) FGC INT3 MUNI EUP1 EUP2 AUP Excess 2014 1.
The AUP thus encompasses many moving parts, and Forester alludes to the many unwritten books hinted at within this one.
As digital tools become more integrated into students' lives inside and outside the classroom, an AUP can help ensure that those tools get used properly.
Under the primary-priority rule, the holder must report AUP to the state of the rightful owner's last known address as reflected in the holder's books and records.
In the initial stages of the deployment, we focused on training the ANA on clearing operations and the AUP on detainee operations.
Therefore, the AUP and other law enforcement organizations must fill the gap and keep the enemy out of the circles of success.
formerly known as Computer Associates) is just one company that has fallen victim to Delaware's AUP axe.
The LTAT identified the need tor basic education in sustainment for the international Security Assistance Force (ISAF) partners and created a class, called Partner Development Training (PDT), to teach the ISAF partners about AUP logistics.
This operation involved over 800 ANA and 200 AUP and is the most complex, largest and most dangerous that we have done by a huge margin.
We are aware of the claims that the shooters were AUP (Afghan uniformed police); however, operational reports indicate these were insurgents dressed in AUP uniforms," he said in response to a Pajhwok email.
Second Lieutenant Barnaby Smith, an intelligence officer from the Welsh Cavalry, said: "This Afghan-led operation not only recovered a member of the AUP but disrupted the insurgents in their backyard, denying them the freedom of movement they have recently enjoyed in an area they thought they were safe.
2) What are the two major approaches used to develop district AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) policies?