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river: see AareAare
or Aar
, longest river entirely in Switzerland, 183 mi (295 km) long, rising in the Bernese Alps and fed by several glaciers. The upper Aare emerges from dam-impounded Grimsel Lake and flows generally W through Lake Brienz, past Interlaken (where it is canalized),
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I was issued a discharge sheet by the doctors for Aara to be taken home on March 26, but the hospital administration asked me to deposit at least half of the total bill, Dh500,000, in order to allow the discharge.
Road at ward 31 Kue se farestwalo ke ghar tak gudda bhai se kutto ke pas Baby jaan se Raja Kasai , Ishak Bhai se Basir Bhai Aara Machine tak
Madu Kalas, Domeli, Gujar Khan, Sohawa, Islampura, Guliana, Baba Shaheed, Aara
Those who attended the meeting included, Tanvir Ashraf Kaira, Raja Riaz, Tasneem Qureshi, Samina Khalid Ghurki, Jahan Aara, Afzal Chan, Ashraf Sohna, Raja Amir Khan, Aurangzeb Barki, Chaudhary Manzoor, Ghulam Fareed Kathia, Deewan Mohiyuddin, Sohail Malik, Manzoor Manika, Abdul Qadir Shaheen, Raja Imran Ashraf, Sakhi Butt, Afnan Butt, Qurban Khan Niazi, Nawab Sher Waseer, Dr.
This is a wonderful opportunity to experience creations by some of the AARA chefs from the New York region who won first place in our 2008 international competition," he added.
According to police, the Maoists detonated a landmine under a bus that was ferrying BSF personnel to a polling station near Aara village, about 140 km from Ranch.
We drill down to what are the root causes for how they're doing and what they need," says principal Aara Davis.