Abbaz Dabylov

Dabylov, Abbaz


Born January 1898, in present-day Takhtakupyr Raion; died Jan. 12, 1970. Soviet Kara-Kalpak poet. People’s Poet of the Kara-Kalpak ASSR. People’s Singer of the Uzbek SSR.

Dabylov studied in a religious school. He composed his first poems in 1915. His creative work became stronger during the collectivization of agriculture (the poems “Comrades,” 1926 and “Get Organized in Artels,” 1928). The poems “I Have Seen” (1939) and “The Mausoleum” (1939) express the love of the Kara-Kalpak people for Lenin, the socialist motherland, and Moscow. Dabylov is the author of the monumental epic poem Bakhadyr (books 1–2, 1946–56). He received the Berdakh State Prize of the Kara-Kalpak ASSR in 1967.


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