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MOHAMED Salim's evidence could help bring other Janjaweed war criminals to justice - including the militia's leader Ali Muhammad Ali Abd-Al-Rahman.
Aisha Mohammad Saleh Abd-al-Rahman al Hashemi, assistant director of the Education Institute for Private Schools affairs, said private schools could choose between getting national and international accreditation, provided that schools get accreditation from organisations approved only by the SEC.
On Thursday 23, a group of 15 youth, in collaboration with some local civil society organizations in Abyei town, gave deputy chief administrator, Ramah Abd-al-Rahman Al-Nur, an emotional note, asking him to leave the area within 72 hours, short of that, his security would not be granted in the area.
The letter was signed by "Abu Abd-Al-Rahman the Libyan" and "Abu Al-Walid," among others.
The first two suspects sought for trial are Ahmad Harun, formerly Sudan's minister in charge of Darfur security, and Ali Muhammad Ali Abd-al-Rahman, a janjaweed militia commander.
Three of the men - Abd-Al-Rahman Al Faqih, aged 46, Ghuma Abd'rabbah, aged 48, and Abdulbaqi Mohammed Khaled, aged 48 - are said to be based in Birmingham.
The visit by Iraqi Prime Minister Abd-al-Rahman al-Bazzaz to Moscow in July-August 1966 was a "milestone in the process of improving Soviet-Iraqi relations.
Rahmah Abd-al-Rahman Al-Nur, disclosed yesterday he had received the threat in a letter delivered by a group of youth in Khartoum to his secretariat during his presence in the capital, Khartoum.
general in Iraq, said al-Zarqawi, his spiritual advisor Shiek Abd-al-Rahman and seven others were killed in the airstrike on a house near Baquba, northeast of Baghdad, at 6:15 p.
Air Force F-16 planes dropped a pair of 500-pound precision-guided bombs on a house where al-Zarqawi was meeting with associates, including his spiritual adviser Shiek Abd-al-Rahman, near Baquba, northeast of Baghdad, at 6:15 p.
Security Council (UNSC) on Friday focusing mainly on Sudan's refusal to cooperate with the court in handing over the interior minister of state Ahmed Haroun and militia commander Ali Muhammad Ali Abd-al-Rahman, also known as Ali Kushayb.