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(ăb`də), in the Bible.

1 Father of Solomon's officer Adoniram.

2 Levite.

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The goal of the public transportation project in Jeddah is to provide the best and most suitable types and choices for public transportation, in addition to the easy use of car parks that are connected to public transportation paths on the city's borders, to decrease traffic congestions inside the city and lessen pollution," Abda added.
In this, the case of Masum Abda Mohammed (who was identified in Guantanamo as Maasoum Abdah Mouhammad, but who stated that his name was Bilal) is typical.
The fight against counterfeit drugs is one of the most important efforts in protecting consumers," says ABDA President Heinz-Guenter Wolf: "Pharmacists are currently making a major contribution to ensuring that patients are provided with drugs that are suitable for dispense.
After the peace deal, the referendum is not a relevant issue anymore,'' Abda told an interview with Kyodo News.
They were told his sister Abda Bibi, 21, had forgiven him.
CRC, ABDA Woodward Consultation and Rehabilitation Services, Inc.
One hopes that we might expect a revised and expanded future edition with a tighter editorial hand, a more thorough treatment of the context established by Abda, Afghani, and Rida, and more detailed discussion of al-Banna.
The course Interfacing Assistive Technology Devices and Power Wheelchairs will be led by Instructor Michelle Lange, OTR, ABDA, ATP, Assistive Technology Consultant, and Access to Independence.
Ces methodes de semis direct ont prouve leur efficacite dans plusieurs regions bour comme Abda, Chaouia, Ouardigha, Zemmour Zaers et Saiss.
In determining the levy amounts only those preparations were taken into account, which are characterized in ABDA article master as pharmaceuticals.
British charge d'affaires Abda Sharif, accompanied by UNDP representatives, recently visited Wadi Khaled to inspect a newly built irrigation canal, the British Embassy said Friday.