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Morphological structures (genitalia, antenna, abdominal segments IX-X, pygidium) were boiled for 3 to 10 min in 10% KOH, and placed in distilled water for about 1 h to clean and soften the cuticle.
Moreover, the members of genus Psychoda are characterized by lateral margins of the first five abdominal segments with not more than one conspicuous posterior hair and one minute anterior hair (16).
Abdominal segment 8 with posterior disc also with eleven pairs of sensilla.
Alarie Y: Primary setae and pores on the legs, the last abdominal segment, and the urogomphi of larvae of Nearctic Colymbettnae (Coleoptera: Adephaga: Dytiscidae) with an analysis of their phylo-genetic relationship.
The abdominal segments lost their limbs, leaving only the six thorax legs.
In the case of males (Table 5), the analysis shows that morphometric characters correlated with the first discriminant function are total length, length of cercopod, width of second abdominal segment and abdominal length.
Further support to this result also came from a previous study, seta 1 on larval abdominal segment III-IV found more valid than the other morphological characters for identification of the recent two species (34).
Hemelytron with clavus exposed, reaching apex of scutellum; lateral margins of corium slightly carinate, parallel, almost extending to posterior margin of connexivum II; membrane lacking veins, reaching to base of seventh abdominal segment (Fig.
The analysis of the primary chaetotaxy of legs, head, and last abdominal segment of M.
This shrimp has pink gonads and a carmine red transverse stripe on the third abdominal segment, whereas Lysmata (gulf) has green gonads, a dark crimson telson, and does not have a transverse pigment stripe on the third abdominal segment.
Each abdominal segment (AB) with 1+1 tubercles with setae in the postero-lateral margin.