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1 City (1990 pop. 6,242), seat of Dickinson co., central Kans., on the Smoky Hill River; inc. 1869. It was (1867–71) a railhead for a large cattle-raising region extending SW into Texas. Millions of cattle followed the Chisholm TrailChisholm Trail,
route over which vast herds of cattle were driven from Texas to the railheads in Kansas after the Civil War. Its name is generally believed to come from Jesse Chisholm, a part-Cherokee trader who, in the spring of 1866, drove his wagon, heavily loaded with
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 into the cow town's stockyards prior to shipment. "Wild Bill" HickokHickok, Wild Bill,
1837–76, American frontier marshal, b. Troy Grove, near Ottawa, Ill. His real name was James Butler Hickok. He took part in the Kansas struggle preceeding the Civil War, was a driver of the Butterfield stage line, and gained fame as a gunfighter.
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 was Abilene's marshal for a time. The city, a still shipping point for a wheat and cattle region, has feed and flour mills. Abilene was the boyhood home of President Dwight D. EisenhowerEisenhower, Dwight David
, 1890–1969, American general and 34th President of the United States, b. Denison, Tex.; his nickname was "Ike." Early Career

When he was two years old, his family moved to Abilene, Kans., where he was reared.
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; the Eisenhower Center includes his old family homestead, a museum, the Eisenhower Library, and his grave.

2 City (1990 pop. 106,654), seat of Taylor co., W central Tex.; inc. 1882. Buffalo hunters first settled there; the town, which was founded in 1881 with the coming of the railroad, was named after Abilene, Kans. Abilene grew as a shipping point for cattle ranches and has become the financial, commercial, and educational center of a large part of W Texas. The city's diversified manufactures include electronic, aircraft, and missile components; oil-field and agricultural equipment; food and dairy products; clothing; metals; and musical instruments. Livestock (cattle, sheep, and poultry); agriculture (cotton, wheat, sorghum, and hay); and minerals (oil, natural gas, caliche, sand, gravel, and clays) are important to the area's economy. Regional petroleum industry headquarters are in Abilene, and Hardin-Simmons Univ., Abilene Christian Univ., and McMurry College are there.


The most advanced IP backbone network for Internet2. Peering with other high-performance research networks in the U.S. and internationally, Abilene supports the development of applications such as virtual laboratories, digital libraries, distance education and tele-immersion.

Abilene is a partnership of Internet2, Qwest Communications, Cisco Systems, Nortel Networks, Juniper Networks and Indiana University. It uses an OC-192c (10 Gbps) optical transport and advanced high-performance routers. Regional nodes are called "GigaPOPs," which serve as data entry and switching points to all members. The first GigaPOP was deployed in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina in late 1997. For more information, visit http://abilene.internet2.edu. See Internet2 and tele-immersion.

The Abilene Network
Starting out much like the original Internet, Abilene is composed of high-speed trunks across the United States. (Image courtesy of Internet2.)
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Abelene Boer, Senior Manager: Marketing at Agra said, "Agra's corporate social involvement has grown with our business and a significant budget is allocated to well-considered initiatives and projects with the aim to live our purpose of creating prosperity and improving quality of life.
At the unveiling of the new street name are, from the left, Titus Koen, Agra's GM: Livestock; Abelene Boer, Agra's Senior Manager: Marketing; Hon.