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see AbnakiAbnaki
or Abenaki
, Native North Americans of the Algonquian branch of the Algonquian-Wakashan linguistic stock (see Native American languages). The name Abnaki was given to them by the French; properly it should be Wabanaki,
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Disputes concerning damage to English property or depletion of Abenaki subsistence were usually resolved at the annual frontier conference scheduled every October during peacetime.
Gswintow8ganal, means "Honor Songs" in the Abenaki language, and the tracks pay homage to important people and events in Native American culture.
Moving from north to south, Calloway begins with two mission villages: Odanak, where Abenakis in Canada sought to stay neutral despite the British occupation of their village; and Stockbridge, a Protestant mission in western Massachusetts that included Mahicans, Wappingers, and Housatonics who fought for the American cause.
In Dawnland, Joseph Bruchac presents a novelized version Abenaki traditional stories.
The program sterilized people, including many Abenaki Indians deemed to be "degenerates.
There was also another surprise in store, this time for Aboriginal people, as an Abenaki youth was elected in the northern riding of Abitibi-Est.
As Wabi gets bigger, he is drawn to the Abenaki Indian people who live nearby, especially to a certain young girl, Dojihla.
He was retained by Abenaki Nation member Roger Obonsawin, president of the 01 Group of Companies, to analyze the government's proposal.
In her chapter on the Abenaki she emphasizes that this northeastern Amerindian nation, a group often overlooked by Canadian historians, were the "most important of the French allies" (p.