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(əbī`ə), in the Bible, variant of AbijahAbijah
, in the Bible.

1 See Abi.

2 Died c.911 B.C., king (c.914–c.911 B.C.) of Judah, the southern kingdom. He succeeded his father, Rehoboam, and King Jeroboam continued warfare against him.
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1 Wife of Hezron.

2 Second son of Samuel.

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Many years later, in a letter Abiah Darby wrote in 1763, she recalled the date as around the year 1709," said de Haan.
Her list of the island's "good" women of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries includes Maria Mitchell (1818-1889), America's first female astronomer; Abiah Folger (1667-1752), Benjamin Franklin's mother; Lucretia Mott (1793-1880), abolitionist and leader in the women's rights movement; and Mary Coffin Starbuck (1645-1717), the island's first shopkeeper and one of the most famous Quaker preachers of her day.
Abiah Corporation, $8,559 in unpaid state Department of Labor and Industries taxes.
Women who had previously not worn even a simple hijab began covering themselves in ankle-length black abiahs for fear of being kidnapped or raped.