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(əbĭm`əlĕk), in the Bible.

1 Name or title of a king of Gerar who had various dealings with Abraham and Isaac.

2 See AhimelechAhimelech
, in the Bible.

1 Priest at Nob, brother of, or perhaps the same as, Ahijah (2.) He befriended David, and Saul had him killed. In some passages his name is reversed with that of his son, Abiathar.

2 Hittite in David's camp.
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3 Son of Gideon. He murdered his 70 brothers, except Jotham, and became "king."


slew his 70 brothers to become ruler. [O.T.: Judges 9:5]
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While Judaism includes some of Abraham's more dubious character traits--such as, when seeking to protect himself, he pretends to the Pharaoh and to King Abimelech that Sarai is his sister rather than his wife (Genesis 12 and 20)--Islam idealizes Abraham as a model for the Prophet Muhammed, with both representing what it means to be a perfect Muslim.
Brongers ("Some Remarks," 179) cites the following examples from the Hebrew Bible where hl' appears with an "undertone of some reproach": Abimelech in his defense to God (Gen.
said Abimelech to Abraham) to the seer lacking a response, nothing uttered, no action taken, neither rejecting, accepting nor including, Leviathan sea monster for this world without end, with no dew, no breeze, no spring; metaphor's infirmity, void of magic charms Celan, why when the swallows still supplied us with souls for our prayers for the dead did you go gentle, gentle into that good night?
7), reprises his cowardice before Pharaoh while managing to commit still greater offense as he gives up his wife, now pregnant, to ingratiate himself with Abimelech.
The sacrifice can be regarded as a form of conversion (Rashi) or simply as a covenant between Moses and Jethro, like those between Isaac and Abimelech (Gen.
Genesis 20 (recounting the steps taken by Abimelech, King of Gerar, to allay his troubled conscience when he found himself in danger of violating the moral law by inadvertently taking another man's wife).
He covers looking at Judges 9 through multiple sight lines, approaches to Abimelech, narrative analysis, reading the rhetoric, and the social worlds of Judges 9.
and, as Holmgren points out, King Abimelech in Genesis 20.
Abraham is ready to give up his wife to Abimelech, saying she is his sister, lest he be killed by the leader of another people.
Second, there are clear instances in which the biblical authors describe the moral performance of the Gentiles as a way of contrasting that with the moral underachievement of some Israelites; for example, Genesis 12:18-19, Pharaoh upbraids Abram on moral grounds; 20:1-18, Abimelech pleads innocence and upbraids Abraham; cf.
Repeatedly, God is shown to be sovereign over restoration and healing, and over sickness and death as evidenced in Genesis 20:17, "Abraham prayed to God; and God healed Abimelech.
Samson is the highly regarded tenor Frank Porretta; Metropolitan Opera baritone Kim Josephson schemes against him as the High Priest of Dagon, and Harry Dworchak thunders as the despised ruler Abimelech.