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in the Bible, relative of Saul and commander in chief of his army. Jealousy and revenge probably caused his death at Joab's hands.
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Dick had put in the crop before he went, and old Abner looked after it.
Old Abner Moore died soon after Dick was brought home and it was found he was almost bankrupt.
The "pull of blood" may define his loyalty to Abner, but the boy has another bloodline, a powerful influence stirring his inner conflict and impacting his decisions.
Right now the team is in transition over to a new ownership group and Abner is no longer with the organization," confirmed Robert Penner, spokesman with Women's Professional Soccer.
For many, Arkansas probably remains that isolated patch of hills, stuck in time, where Lum and Abner hold court over easygoing if not slack-jawed locals at the Jot 'Em Down General Store.
Abner is accused of robbing a 48-year-old clerk while she was working at a Viola, Kan.
The class lesson that Abner Snopes tries to teach his son Sarty in Faulkner's "Barn Burning" is uncannily similar to the one Dave begins to learn.
Slaughter, and Baylor presidents, Pat Neff and Abner McCall.
I read Abner Mason's article with a sigh of relief.
By looking at Abner Snopes through the lens of Whiteness, we see an extremely poor White man struggling for survival, on one hand, and dignity, on the other, in a world turned upside down by 'someone else's war.
You see, this one was injured, so the tree compartmentalized the decay," Abner said of a slice of wood shaped like a heart.
Johnson, associate professor of history at Boston College and a New York native writes a detailed history of police-citizen violence, beginning with the founding of the New York Police Department in 1845 through the torture of Abner Louima in in 1997.