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, Swed. Åbo, city (1998 pop. 170,931), capital of Western Finland prov., SW Finland, at the mouth of the Aurajoki River on the Baltic Sea. The center of the fertile agricultural region of SW Finland, it is also the country's largest winter port and an
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To analyse commonly occurring ABO group discrepancies in order to standardise resolving procedure and avoid delay in pretransfusion testing.
The ABO blood group framework is the most critical framework for blood group similarity.
The data was compiled and then analyzed for the frequency of ABO and Rh-D blood groups with standard statistical methods.
Clearly, the ABO blood group system exemplifies the fact that human blood group antigens are under active, intensive evolutionary selection pressure.
Abo Ali pointed out that it is a message to tourists and investors in all fields from all over the world that Egypt is safe and is just going through a transitional stage that will end quickly.
This study was conducted not only to determine the seropositivity among blood donors but also its association with various ABO blood groups.
Referente al sistema ABO la nomenclatura aceptada en 1928 por la Liga de las Naciones fue la de Jansky quien propuso cuatro grupos sanguineos: (A, B, O, AB).
The maximum likelihood estimate of allele frequencies at the ABO locus was obtained through Bernstein method and the concordance with Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (HWE) was tested by Chi-test (Strickberger, 2005; Falconer and Mackay, 1996).
ABO Capital, formerly Angola Capital Investments, is an international investment firm that invests in companies in the healthcare, technology, energy, transportation, hospitality and real estate sectors throughout Africa.
Objectives: To determine the frequency of ABO incompatibility causing jaundice in neonates coming to a pediatric public sector hospital.
Till the 19th century the blood transfusion procedure was unsafe, but the mystery of blood transfusion was solved in 29th century with the discovery of ABO and Rh blood group antigens1.
ABO blood groups were confirmed by antigen-antibody agglutination test.