Abraham's bosom

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Abraham’s bosom

reward for the righteous. [N.T.: Luke 16:23]
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Whether Falstaff burns in hell or rests in Abraham's bosom remains an unsolved problem in spite of the Hostess.
Holyhead's all-weather lifeboat was called out to help a fishing boat which lost power at the Abraham's Bosom cave, near South Stack.
The forest is his Egypt, his "land of bondage" Hassel precisely skewers Falstaff--he is "characteristically both flippant and informed about biblical matters," especially when he claims that Bardolph's "red nose" reminds him of "hell-fire and Dives," the sybarite who burns in hell while Lazarus flies to Abraham's bosom (99).
And if the saints being transported to Abraham's bosom looked a trifle self-righteous, that devil with a pitchfork really didn't bear thinking about.
During the 1920s lynching dramas appeared on Broadway (Paul Green's In Abraham's Bosom [1926]) as well as in community and educational theatre venues; they were printed in pioneering black publications such as Alain Locke and Montgomery Gregory's Plays of Negro Life (1927) and W.