Abraham Trembley

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Trembley, Abraham


Born Sept. 3,1710, in Geneva; died there May 12,1784. Swiss naturalist. Member of the Royal Society (1743); correspondent of the French Academy of Sciences (1749).

Trembley discovered the ability of an organism to regenerate itself completely from its sectioned parts. Cutting a hydra into several parts, he established that each part regenerates itself, growing into a complete organism. His research in regeneration was published in the work Memoirs: Toward a History of a Genus of Freshwater Polyp With Horn-shaped Arms (1744; Russian translation, 1937). This work furthered the establishment of experimental methods in biology.


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Una tarde de 1744 andaba por los alrededores de Sorghvliet, Holanda, el suizo Abraham Trembley, cuando noto unos extranos cuerpos en el agua del estanque.
This is why, say two animal ethicists, he "penned a satirical and caustic parody on Experiments on the Cuttlefish [sic] by Abraham Trembley, as reported in the proceedings of the Royal Society.
The Swiss naturalist Abraham Trembley (1700-1784), working in the Dutch Republic, discovered the freshwater hydra in 1740.