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Aben Ezra:

see Ibn Ezra, Abraham ben MeirIbn Ezra, Abraham ben Meir
, c.1089–1164, Jewish grammarian, commentator, poet, philosopher, and astronomer, b. Tudela, Spain. He traveled widely and wrote a number of ethical treatises, poems, and other works.
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A' A'NFCA' published an instigating article by Abraham ibn Ezra against recognizing the Palestinian right in Jerusalem as the capital of their A'lawfulA' state.
The aforementioned Abraham bar Hiyya denounced it as nonsense and Abraham ibn Ezra agreed, citing scientific explanation, ".
The 10th-century sage Abraham Ibn Ezra read the same verse to mean that we must not cut down trees "for man is the tree of the field"--that is, our lives as human beings depend on trees.
Abraham Ibn Ezra on nativities and continuous horoscopy; a parallel Hebrew-English critical edition of the Book of Nativities and the Book of Revolution.
Even Abraham Ibn Ezra, famed for his Bible commentaries, got little attention for his voluminous and important liturgical poetry (though his trivial self-deprecating jingles are often quoted as a kind of precursor to the image of the shlimazal) until the recent publication of his poems selected and translated by Weinberger (1997).
He mentions a number of famous Jewish scholars by name: Solomon ben Isaac (1040-1105), more commonly known as Rashi, Levi ben Gershom (1288-1344) and especially Abraham Ibn Ezra (1089-1164/65).
The author's palaeographical analysis of the Great Mahazor of Amsterdam is more speculative, but the manuscript may well have been copied in Normandy under the influence of Abraham ibn Ezra, who lived in Rouen in the 1160s, and Golb's attribution of the text to a French-speaking community is conclusive.
The biblical commentator Abraham Ibn Ezra suggested that we begin by eating matzo (unleavened bread).
Universalism versus Particularism: Whereas this interpretation is adopted by such luminaries as Rashi, Radak, and Abraham ibn Ezra, Simon argues that this "view has no substantial anchor in the text" and is rejected by most modern Jewish Bible scholars, although "it remains attractive to most Christian scholars" (p.
As an interesting aside, in the 14th Century, Rabbi Abraham ibn Ezra interpreted the words in Genesis 3:21 ".
Abraham Ibn Ezra on elections, interrogations, and medical astrology; a parallel Hebrew-English critical edition of the Book of Elections (3 versions), the Book of Interrogations (3 versions).
NFC website published an instigating article by Abraham Ibn Ezra titled "Israel Opposes a State with a Terrorist President"; in which he said that "If a Palestinian state was established, it will be a state of terrorism by all means, and it will implement very hard terrorist conditions.