Absorption Coefficient

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absorption coefficient

[əb′sȯrp·shən ‚kō·ə′fish·ənt]
Also known as absorption factor; absorption ratio; coefficient of absorption.
The ratio of the sound energy absorbed by a surface of a medium or material to the sound energy incident on the surface.
If a flux through a material decreases with distance x in proportion to e-ax, then a is called the absorption coefficient.

Absorption Coefficient


(kv), the inverse of the distance at which a monochromatic radiation flux that has frequency ν and forms a parallel beam is attenuated—owing to absorption in a substance—to 1/e (natural absorption coefficient) or 1/10 (decimal absorption coefficient) of its incident intensity. In the case of 1/e, the Bouguer-Lambert law is written

I = I0e-kvI

In the case of 1/10, the law is written

I = I010-kvI

The absorption coefficient is measured in cm-1 or m-1, and it is traditionally called the absorption factor in spectrography and some other branches of applied optics.

sound absorption coefficient,

a The fraction of the sound energy (incident at random angles on a surface) which is absorbed or otherwise not reflected by the surface.
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