Absorption Factor

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absorption factor

[əb′sȯrp·shən ‚fak·tər]

Absorption Factor


(or absorptance), the dimensionless ratio of the radiation flux absorbed by a body to the flux incident on it. In contrast to the absorptivity and absorption coefficient, the absorption factor pertains to radiation of all frequencies and all orientations that is present in the irradiating flux. The factor is dependent on the properties of the body, the state of the body’s surface, the spectral composition of the flux, and the flux’s direction.

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Correcting the spectra for non-uniform f([chi]) absorption correction factor within the FeL[alpha] emission bands leads to an improvement of the quantitative re sults compared with those derived from the conventional approach where only the absorption factor associated with the maximum emission of the analyzed x-ray emission is applied.
Similarity sadeghi, 1388 safabakhsh (2009), rahnavard (2007) and encouragement tools among the volunteer absorption factors has a first priority.