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Abu Musa,

island (2010 est. pop. 1,868), c. 4.6 sq mi (12 sq km), E Persian Gulf, disputed between Iran, who occupies it, and the United Arab Emirates. Strategically located near the entrance of the Strait of Hormuz (through which much of the world's oil supply is shipped), Abu Musa was under British control for most of the 20th cent. until 1971, when it was stipulated that Sharjah, a shiekdom that is now part of the United Arab Emirates, would control it. That same year, however, Iran, which had long claimed Abu Musa, seized it (along with Greater and Lesser TunbGreater and Lesser Tunb,
disputed islands, E Persian Gulf. Greater Tunb is approximately 6 sq mi (10 sq km) in area; Lesser Tunb, some 7 mi (11 km) to the west, about 1 sq mi (2 sq km).
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. A 1971 agreement granted shared sovereignty over Abu Musa to Iran and Sharjah, but Iran maintained significant control over the island. In 1992 Iran asserted full control over Abu Musa.
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Hassan Mousavi, the head of the organization of the cultural heritage of handicrafts and tourism of the Islamic Republic of Iran has announced that according to the decision taken by the Iranian Cabinet of Ministers the island of Abu Musa will be transformed into a tourist zone.
The UAE recalled its ambassador from Tehran on Wednesday after Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visited Abu Musa island, 60km off the UAE, as part of a tour of Iran's Gulf coast, a visit described by the UAE foreign minister as "a flagrant violation of the UAE's sovereignty.
Meanwhile the UAE Football Association, announced the cancellation of a friendly scheduled to be held in the country "in solidarity with the country's official stance" condemning Ahmedinejad's visit to the island of Abu Musa.
Civil Defense official George Abu Musa told The Daily Star via telephone from the scene Monday morning that fire squads had managed to distinguish parts of the fire.
The UAE protested as these included the islands of Abu Musa, Greater Tunb and Lesser Tunb and their territorial waters are claimed by the emirates of Sharjah, Umm al-Quwain and Ajman for Abu Musa; and Ajman, Umm al-Quwain and Ras al-Khaimah for the Tunbs.
The ownership of Abu Musa, Greater Tunb, and Lesser Tunb--three islands astride the western approaches to the Strait of Hormuz--was as controversial in the late 1960s as it is today.
Tensions over three tiny Gulf islands, including Abu Musa, were heightened by Ahmadinejad s assertion on the island during his visit last Wednesday that historical records proved "the Persian Gulf is Persian.
Readers with an interest in the legal aspects of territorial disputes, which are numerous and important in the Middle East, will find Mattair's book an excellent summary of the legal issues surrounding Abu Musa and the Tunbs.
government propaganda is deliberately inflating the importance of Abu Musa al Zarqawi.
Two gunboats rammed their yacht as they sailed from their home in Dubai to Abu Musa, an island claimed by Iran and the United Arab Emirates.
They were heading to the disputed island of Abu Musa, a territory that is being claimed by both Iran and the United Arab Emirates, when they were detained at gunpoint on October 28.
In 1971--and, despite its many protestations, since then--Iran conceded that Sharjah was entitled to maintain forces on Abu Musa, granted Sharjah nationals equal rights, and paid Sheikh Khalid bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi tribute to jointly exploit the resources on- and off-shore.