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Subject, Academic


a system of knowledge and skills selected from a branch of learning, technology, art, or industry and studied at an educational institution.

The content of an academic subject is determined by the syllabus. The academic subjects taught at various types of general-education schools, the areas of specialization at specialized educational institutions, and the interrelationships and sequence of study are determined by the curriculum. There are two types of academic subjects. General-education subjects include those subjects that embody the principles of the various branches of learning and that are taught in all types of secondary schools, as well as the social sciences, foreign languages, higher mathematics, and physics, taught in the higher schools. Specialized academic subjects, on the other hand, train specialists. Other general-education academic subjects are those studied at technical educational institutions; they include hydraulics, resistance of materials, and machine parts.


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Diana Lea, managing editor for OLDAE, Oxford University Press, said: "The number of students studying academic subjects in English is growing every year.
To continually support the needs of researchers throughout the world, ebrary[R], a leading provider of e-books and research technology, today announced it has added more than 16,000 titles in all academic subject areas to Academic Complete[TM].
demonstrated competency, as defined by the state, in each core academic subject taught by the teacher
As I am sure you know, the arts are a core academic subject under the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB).
Consequently, as states are implementing plans, per NCLB requirements, for how special educators attain highly qualified status in each core academic subject they teach to students with learning disabilities, it is disconcerting that some special educators who have provided excellent instruction in core academic subjects, learning strategies, and other pedagogical areas for years can no longer be called highly qualified unless or until they have met their state's criteria for highly qualified.
For example, the development of an intentional relationship between academic subject matter and service through frequent opportunities for reflection on the connection between service and academic content is critical in achieving positive student outcomes (Eyler & Giles, 1999).
Highly qualified teachers are those who have earned a minimum of a bachelor s degree, obtained state certification, passed the state teacher licensing examination in the core academic subject in which they teach, and who do not have certification or licensure requirements waived.
But this meant they ended up doing similar subjects at A-Level - and were prevented from taking a traditional academic subject at a leading university.
History is a core academic subject under the No Child Left Behind Act.
Students who failed more than one academic subject were not eligible for summer school; instead, they were retained in their grade.
That is the core of most admission applications, so home-schooled students need to present alternate materials to demonstrate their strengths in a variety of academic subject areas.
For each lesson plan, specific skills and focuses are identified, academic subject areas and thematic connections are delineated, and instructional materials are listed, along with step-by-step procedures.

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