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, called Acarya
[Skt.,=learned], b. 1114, Indian mathematician and astronomer. According to the custom, he put his learned treatises into verse, adding, however, explanations in prose.
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Thus, in reference to the Mulamadhyamakakarika Candrakirti says that Nagarjuna, "the acarya, has written this Madhyamaka Sastra for the purpose of teaching the distinction between the provisional and definitive sutrantas.
which originally belonged to the collection of books which originally belonged to the collection of books which the Acarya Dipankara Srijnana (982-1054 A.
The later Vedantic Vaisnavism of Acarya Ramanuja, Madhva and others, centres largely on the Alvar's depiction of Krsna-bhakti.
Among the commentators of Bharata, Bhatta Lollata, Bhatta Sankuka, Bhatta Nayaka, Bhatta Yantra are quoted by Acarya Abhinavagupta in his Abhi.
Acarya fails to explain why Amsuvarma did not launch his epoch era
John Carman has pointed out the centrality of this polarity in the thought of Srivaisnava's most important acarya, Ramanuja.
Thus the argument consisting in the notion of traditional transmission (parampara), for example, sometimes supported a reading considered to be ancient (even if was in fact recent) and sometimes legitimated an alteration that was endorsed by the living master's teaching (guru, acarya, upadhyaya)(25), whether he was religious or profane, since his word carried more weight even than the manuscript.
This ritual prop, literally the "established acarya," is a symbolic representation of the mendicant hierarchy.
Rudolf Otto has compared Eckhart favorably with Acarya ("Meister") Shankara, the Indian mystic, indicating, perhaps, not that Eckhart was heretical but that mystical experience per se is one of unity, and that, like any experience, its articulation depends upon the mystic's theological and cultural framework.
Sth Sthanangasutra with the Commentary by Acarya Sri Abhayadev-Suri Maharaja.
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According to Acarya Dharmamitra's Extended Commentary on the Vinayasutra: (71)