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Tariq, Residual persistence of chlorpyrifos, imidacloprid and acephate in eggplant fruit, Pak.
4-D (herbicide), Atrazine (herbicide), mineral oil (adjuvant), Mancozeb (fungicide), Methoxyfenozide (Insecticide), Acephate (insecticide), Haloxyfop-P-methyl (herbicide), Lactofen (herbicide), Methomyl (insecticide), Diquat (herbicide), Picoxystrobin (fungicide), Flumetsulam (herbicide), Teflubenzuron (insecticide), Imidacloprid (insecticide), Lambda-cyhalothrin (insecticide), Imazethapyr (herbicide), Azoxystrobin (Fungicide) and Flutriafol (Fungicide).
54 cm trunk dbh, applied 11 Mar 2013; acephate (97%) drenched at 11.
Assessment of genotoxic effects of chloropyriphos and acephate by the comet assay in mice leucocytes.
0855 Female 40 (40%) 10 (10%) Table 3: Relationship of Compounds Consumed with Ventilation Compounds Number of Number of P Value Odds Ratio Patients Patients (Ventilation) Presented with Ventilation Acephate 8 (8%) -- -- -- Triazophos 2 (2%) -- -- -- Dimethoate 2 (2%) -- -- -- Malathion 2 (2%) -- -- -- Monocrotophos 26 (26%) 13 (13%) 0.
Mohan and Naveena (2015) also reported the role of Lysinibacillus fusiformis in acephate (an organophosphate) degradation in paddy soil.
To combat these pests in the past, farmers had deployed insecticides like acephate, endosulfan, and triazophos--all acutely toxic.
Low salinity decreases the tolerance to two pesticides, beta-cypermethrin and acephate, of white-leg shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei.
1]) for rice blast neck preventive control; the second application was carried out two months later using the insecticide acephate (1 kg [ha.
Similar hypocholesterolaemia was previously reported in the serum of experimental animals that were treated with various insecticides, including acephate, [38] dichlorvos, [39] and diazinon.
Farmers should utilize 300-400 ml Dimethoate, 100/500 ml Thaiacloprid, 300 gram Acephate, snf 20/40 ml per acre of Spinoside in 100 litres of water and spray it on the crop when this pests infestation goes beyond ETL.
Pirate 360SC Tracer 240SC Radiant 120SC Confidor 200% SL Actara 25WG Acephate 75SP and Novastar 56EC were applied twice at an interval of 15 days when population of the pest reached at economic threshold level.