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Achelous, river, Greece


see AkhelóosAkhelóos
or Achelous
, river, 137 mi (221 km) long, rising in the Pindus Mts., NW Greece, and flowing generally south, traversing many mountain gorges, and emptying into the Ionian Sea opposite Keffallinía. It is a source of hydroelectric power.
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, river, Greece.

Achelous, in Greek mythology


(ăk'əlō`əs), in Greek mythology, river god; son of Oceanus and Tethys. He possessed the power to appear as a bull, a serpent, or a bullheaded man. Hercules defeated him and broke off one of his horns, which, according to one legend, became the cornucopiacornucopia
, in Greek mythology, magnificent horn that filled itself with whatever meat or drink its owner requested. Some legends designate it as a horn of the river god Achelous, others as a horn of the goat Amalthaea.
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. He is sometimes said to be the father of the Sirens.
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thus may your moist locks be decked eternally with the honored bough; and may the rich horn of Achelous yield before you; and may favoring breezes blow your currents;
In the Roman poets account of his tale, which explains h ow these deities came to be anthropomorphic beings associated with the cornucopia, Achelous reveals to his guest Theseus that he is capable of dreadful flooding:
Troutman Sanders LLP served as legal counsel, and Achelous Partners, LLC, served as financial advisers to AnaSpec.
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An oval cartouche at the left and right sides of the roped medial comb features representations of Hercules fighting Achelous transformed into a serpent, and Poseidon holding a trident.
Phaedrus's dialogue with Socrates takes place in a rustic locale "consecrated to Achelous and some of the nymphs" near a pleasant brook during the hours of estival noontime heat (230b).
Dominating the auction in every sense was Cornelis Van Haarlem's Hercules and Achelous, a Dutch mannerist tour-de-force of battling, bulging muscle.