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(yarrow), a genus of plants of the family Compositae. The plants are perennial herbs with entire, pinnatilobate, or pinnatisect leaves. The inflorescences are small many-flowered heads, which are for the most part gathered into a common corymb. Solitary heads are rare. The ray flowers are pistillate and ligulate; their coloration is white, pink, red, or yellow. The disk flowers are bisexual and tubular. The achenes have no pappus.

There are more than 100 species of yarrow (according to other data, 200), distributed mainly in the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere. Species are especially numerous in mountainous areas and in the Mediterranean region. The USSR has 45 species. The common yarrow (A. millefolium) grows mainly in meadows and along forests in the forest zone, in steppes, on slopes, and along roads and fields. The leaves and inflorescences contain essential oil. An infusion and liquid extract from the leaves and inflorescences of the common yarrow and closely related species are used as styptics and as ingredients in a tea that functions as an appetite stimulant.


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GOOD IDEA Make bright yellow day lilies the star of the border and fill gaps in-between with redflowered geums and the shiny flat flowerheads of Achillea Moonshine.
Keywords: Achillea millefolium; Citronella; Clove; Eucalyptus; Geranium; Lavender; Lily of the valley; Peppermint; Ixodes ricinus; Tick repellents
Achillea offer a range of gorgeous colours from bright reds and yellows to blush pinks and soft whites ( lots of choice for any garden whatever the colour scheme.
Achillea tomentosa, armeria, doronicum, heuchera, Juniperus conferia, Lysimachia nummularia, Rubus calycinoides, saxifrage (shown in the photogragh above), and Vinca minor battle it out on the rest of the slope, gaining territory where they can.
Regarding the lack of data about the possible efficacy of these compounds against leishmaniasis, the efficacy of herbal extracts of Thymus vulgaris and Achillea millefolium, propolis and systemic glucantime against cutaneous leishmaniasis in Balb/c mice was evaluated in this study.
With its deep lilac-purple flowers which can last until the autumn, its see-through qualities make it perfect for planting en masse in a sunny border, with hemerocallis, lavandula, achillea and Echinacea purpurea.
I was tempted to use a variety of perennials in 9cm pots, including foxgloves, geums, scabious and achillea, but conscious that they are not strictly wild flowers.
ACHILLEA THESE pretty, fragile-looking perennials fit in many garden settings.
Aelod arall o'r teulu ydi'r milddail - Achillea millefolium; yarrow neu milfoil yn Saesneg.
Different species from the Achillea millefolium aggregate are used against gastrointestinal and hepato-biliary disorders in traditional European medicine.
Fact FileFloral Offenders (1) Lilies (2) Roses (3) Peonies (4) Solidastor (5) Pom-pom Chrysanthemum (6) Sunflower (7) Freesia (8) Lavender (9) Achillea (10) PhloxFloral Friends (1) Orchids (2) Protea (3) Bouvardia (4) Thistles (5) Leucadendrum (6) Lisianthus (7) Iris (8) Hypericum (9) Agapanthus (10) Gladioli
Avoid spraying chemicals when they are active and grow plants such as Achillea, Buddleja and Sedum to encourage them into the garden.