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For Ottoman sultans thus named, use Ahmed.
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And thus it was that Achmet Zek, the Arab, found him.
Achmet Zek scowled and Werper's heart sank; but Werper did not know Achmet Zek, who was quite apt to scowl where another would smile, and smile where another would scowl.
And if you have lied to me," said Achmet Zek, "I will kill you at any time.
And so the agreement was reached and Lieutenant Albert Werper became a member of the ivory and slave raiding band of the notorious Achmet Zek.
Achmet Zek watched his recruit with eagle eye, and with a growing satisfaction which finally found expression in a greater confidence in the man, and resulted in an increased independence of action for Werper.
He has a wife," replied Achmet Zek, "whom men say is very beautiful.
Well said, Werper," and Achmet Zek slapped his lieutenant upon the shoulder.
From a heterogeneous collection of loot, Achmet Zek procured a pith helmet and a European saddle, and from his black slaves and followers a party of porters, askaris and tent boys to make up a modest safari for a big game hunter.
And, best of all, the ring leader, Achmet ben Houdin, was among the prisoners.
You will pay more than this for the life of Achmet ben Houdin, my sister's son," he said.
The trail of Achmet ben Houdin and his accomplices is a matter of record--you may verify it if you care to.
It was an evil day for me when first I clapped eyes upon the merchant Achmet and had to do with the Agra treasure, which never brought anything but a curse yet upon the man who owned it.