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blood cultures positive for 2/0 acid-fast bacteria, aerobic/anaerobic Time of collection of first 8/11 positive/last positive blood culture, d after readmission Outcome Resolved after antimicrobial drug treatment Characteristic Patient 2 Age, y/sex 2.
The bioactivity of lectin may appear to function as a pattern recognition protein specific for Gram-negative and acid-fast bacteria through its interaction with Lipopolysaccharide (LPS), and also as an opsonin to increase the efficiency of hemocyte phagocytosis.
That reflected the very low sensitivity of acid-fast bacteria stain in this setting, which is similar to that reported by other studies.
This method can be performed on any tissue demonstrating acid-fast bacteria and has been used on a wide variety of species including mammals, birds, (12) amphibians, and fish.
Biopsy specimens were negative for acid-fast bacteria and mycobacterial growth (again, different solid and liquid media, extended incubation periods).
Culture for common bacteria and fungi was negative, but culture of a sterile nodule aspirate on Lowenstein-Jensen medium was positive for acid-fast bacteria after 5 weeks.