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The time of largest abundance or variety of a fossil taxon; the taxon may be either general or local.


(company, jargon)
/ak'mee/ 1. A Company that Makes Everything. The canonical imaginary business. Possibly also derived from the word "acme" meaning "highest point".

2. A program for MS-DOS.

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0 Boeing 747-400s and zero Boeing 747-200s) supported the Company's ACMI operations, compared with an average of 17.
Higher ACMI block-hour volumes during the quarter reflected increased flying activity by ACMI customers, all of whom flew above their contractual minimums to meet strong fourth-quarter freight demand.
We are delighted to have been selected by one of the world's foremost logistics companies to provide them with these aircraft under an ACMI agreement, and that they have already been seamlessly integrated into their operations," said Fathi Hilal Buhazza, President and CEO, Maximus Air.
3m on the back of the ACMI acquisition, while Gyrus said revenues lifted 73% to pounds 150.
System operations, including the control of the tracking antenna, are centralized in the operator's console located in the de-briefing room, which is the third ACMI component.
Notably there is the entrance to the ACMI, and the great atrium, which was intended in the programme to be a conservatory, and might ye t become one.
Minneapolis, MN), reported that its patent infringement claims based on United States Patent 5,234,004, one of two patents asserted against ProstaLund AB, ProstaLund Operations AB ("ProstaLund"), and ACMI Corporation have been dismissed by the United States Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin.
The Minimax T3 features a Rotating Tri-Turret port that can be outfitted to accept any combination of three fiberoptic cables, including: BFW, Olympus, Wolf, Storz, and ACMI.
The EHUD(TM) ACMI system will be used for real-time, autonomous combat training and debriefing.
Demand in our AMC segment in the third quarter was consistent with the levels that we have seen in 2009, and we are encouraged by improving ACMI customer utilization and by strengthening charter yields.
Atlas and Qantas have had an ACMI accord for the last decade.
JetX, an ACMI and full charter operator based in Kopavogur, Iceland, will operate a fleet of 737-800s on behalf of Primera Travel Group, the largest tour operator in Iceland and one of the largest in Scandinavia.