Acoustics Institute

Acoustics Institute


(or AKIN; full name, Acoustics Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences), a scientific research institution in acoustics. It was set up in Moscow in 1953, based on the Acoustics Laboratory of the P. N. Lebedev Physics Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences. The basic trends of the institute’s research (1968) include investigations into the propagation and diffraction of sound, physiological acoustics, nonlinear acoustics, ultrasound, physical acoustics of liquids and gases, acoustics of solids and quantum acoustics, and acoustics of the ocean. It also conducts research on new materials used in acoustics convertors and transformers, new vibration-absorbing materials, and methods of fighting noise and vibration.

In the past 15 years the institute has done research on such topics as the propagation of sound and the effect of ultrasound on substances, vibrations and methods for diminishing them, laws concerning the outflow of high-speed jets, and the physical basis of ultrasonic technology.

The institute has experimental laboratories and a theoretical department. A large amount of research is done on the science ships Petr Lebedev and Sergei Vavilov.

The institute has regular and correspondence graduate school courses. The academic council has the right to confer doctor’s and candidate’s degrees in physics-mathematics and engineering. The works of the acoustics institute are published in the Akusticheskii zhurnal and other periodicals.