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They thought it reasonable, that between the interfering acts of an EQUAL authority, that which was the last indication of its will should have the preference.
So saying, Haidee arose, and wrapping herself in her burnoose of white cashmire embroidered with pearls and coral, she hastily quitted the box at the moment when the curtain was rising upon the fourth act.
Don't act yourself, if you do not like it, but don't expect to govern everybody else.
The scene of the third act represented a palace in which many candles were burning and pictures of knights with short beards hung on the walls.
Who should act genteel comedy perfectly," asks Walpole, "but people of fashion, that have sense?
At length, however, he slowly comprehended that no act of his would change the hideous fact of his origin; that nothing would make him acceptable in her eyes, and with a shake of his head he arose and stepped toward the living room to continue his search for the professor.
Before White Fang could spring in and deliver the fatal stroke, and just as he was in the act of springing in, Collie arrived.
When the act was over Alexander and Mainhall strolled out into the corridor.
Our heads will be clearer, we shall be better able to make the fourth act in the morning.
But although these plays were looked upon as an act of religion, they were not all solemn.
Although natural selection can act only through and for the good of each being, yet characters and structures, which we are apt to consider as of very trifling importance, may thus be acted on.
In as few words as possible," he began, "Spencer puts it something like this: First, a man must act for his own benefit--to do this is to be moral and good.