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Bioelectrical therapies use electrical discharges to override action potentials generated within the body, thus altering nerve function in the stimulated area.
When a peripheral nerve is stimulated, an F-wave is produced with action potentials travelling both toward the periphery--forming the compound muscle action potential (CMAP)--and towards the spinal cord and anterior horn cell.
2] for the membrane capacitance, the discharging current density for generation of action potential can be estimated as follows:
Effects of estragole on the compound action potential of the rat sciatic nerve.
As a result of increased duration of the action potential and refractory period, patients with hypokalemia are at increased risk for certain dysrhythmias like ventricular tachycardia.
2+] action potential in monolayer of NRK Fibroblasts", Am J Physiol.
A model for compound action potentials and currents in a nerve bundle III: A comparison of the conduction velocity distributions calculated from compound action currents and potentials.
1983), what is inside the capacity of sarcolemma and t-tubules to transmit action potentials (Sejersted and Hallen, 1987).
Specific topics include interoperability across databases, database architecture, XML for data representation and model specification, neuroscience ontologies, model structure analysis, construction of realistic neural simulations, simulators for neural networks and action potentials, data mining, neuron and neural networks, high-resolution brain atlases and maps, and workflow-based approaches to image analysis.
As a neuroscientist, I am easily excited by the concept of the saltatory conduction of action potentials down a myelinated neuron.
The artifacts related to Parkinson's disease are more prominent in the limb leads and represent the action potentials of active striated muscles.
To accomplish that, they use propagate action potentials elicited by changes of ionic channels conductance.

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