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In our new method, the issue of exact location of each task on the new map is resolved by arranging the action verbs by degree of difficulty from left to right and arranging the assets or objects of action by their level of complexity (or degree of interconnectivity) from bottom to top.
uncompleted" action verbs, words that denote reference to
On the other hand, skills are identified with pairs of concepts and action verbs, and a skill structure is established by merging the structures given on both sets.
By focusing on the action verb as the key event in all sentences.
Each verb within each construction type that contained verbs was coded according to the semantic classes in Levin (1993), and then, following Snedeker and Trueswell (2004), categorized according to the broader semantic classes of (i) action verbs, (ii) light verbs, and (iii) psychological predicates and verbs of perception.
Verb types (after Derewianka, 1998) were introduced for the first time during the course of this unit, specifically action verbs (e.
In contrast to the agent nouns above, classed as straightforward instances of metaphors, the action verbs seem to have a wider set of functions, ranging from clear-cut instances of metaphor, as in blaze, catapult, explode and smash, to more vague cases intensifying the often rapid and violent action of the game, as in fall, grapple, rush and tumble.
The three frame components, subject and two action verbs, are lined up in the mental space showing the simultaneous nature of this adverbial, i.
Action verbs are used to ensure the trainee's actions are observable, measurable, verifiable and reliable.
Loaded with adjectives and action verbs, this book makes a great read-aloud.
The movement becomes a little undifferentiated, but the film often returns with its fascinating images, like Perreten's long hair bleeding onto Gagnon's bare chest, or a wall of action verbs ("builds"; "escapes"; "mediates"; "loves").
Subheadings such as "Write with Action Verbs," "Use People to Tell Stories," "Introduce Tension," etc.