activated carbon

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activated carbon

[′ak·tə‚vād·əd ′kär·bən]
A powdered, granular, or pelleted form of amorphous carbon characterized by very large surface area per unit volume because of an enormous number of fine pores. Also known as activated charcoal.

activated charcoal, activated carbon

Charcoal obtained by carbonizing organic material, usually in the absence of air; usually in granular or powdered form; highly effective in adsorbing odors in air or in removing colors in solution.
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On the 30th day of the experiment, general condition of laying hens that received active coal feed additive in doses of 200, 400 and 800g per ton of ready feed finally returned to normal.
In the group treated with active coal feed additive in dosage of 200 g per ton of feed, egg production increased by 8%, in dosage of 400 g per ton of feed--by 30%; in dosage of 800 g per m--by 5%.
It is necessary to use powder active coal for the coagulation--flocculation optimum process.
May 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Coal mined from West Virginia's mountains has powered this country for decades, and now Second Wind's wind data collection solutions are helping former and active coal mining sites find second energy-producing lives as homes for wind farms and other renewable energy facilities.
Included in the sale are active coal mines in North Dakota and Montana, coal sales agreements, reserves, mining equipment and certain rights to the inactive Gascoyne Mine.
NYSE:MDU), and Westmoreland Coal Company (AMEX:WLB) confirmed today that they have entered into negotiations on an exclusive basis for the sale of Knife River's coal operations, including active coal mines in North Dakota and Montana, coal sales agreements, reserves and mining equipment, to Westmoreland.
It will be the first time the technology will be deployed at an active coal mine in West Virginia, and among the largest such projects of its kind in the U.
BPEI), the natural gas services subsidiary of TransMontaigne, under which BPEI will construct, own and operate gas gathering systems in the Powder River Basin of northeastern Wyoming, and provide gathering and compression services to Pennaco in its highly active coal bed methane gas exploration and development program in the region.
The department also issued 210 re-mining permits to active coal companies that have reclaimed 5,100 acres of abandoned mine lands at no cost to the commonwealth since 2000.
For the first time in America, ventilation air methane (VAM) is being destroyed at an active coal mine, all the while generating bankable carbon credits.
There are a number of active coal mines in the southern sector of the Junggar basin and new CBM exploration projects have been recently announced.
Once more, Biothermica positions itself as a pioneer of GHG mitigation initiatives, as we will be the first company to oxidize VAM at an active coal mine in America" said Guy Drouin, President of Biothermica.

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