active defense

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active air defense

A direct defensive action taken to destroy attacking enemy aircraft or reduce the effectiveness of an air attack. It includes attacking enemy aircraft in air, electronic countermeasures, and action by air defense artillery and surface-to-air missiles, but it excludes passive measures such as camouflage and dispersal. Also called an active defense.
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Noting that the IR system is being used in the Army and Defense Ministry tanks, he said, "We have had this active protection system in the Ground Force too, it has been tested and needs to be mass-produced.
While the United States' battle tank relies on heavy armor for protection, the Russian fleet is made up of smaller, lighter platforms that use countermeasures such as active protection systems to shoot down anti-tank guided missiles and rocket-propelled grenades.
RADA Electronics, meanwhile, has developed a family of tactical radars that vary in range, and that came about as a result of a noted gap in the market: "We started about ten years ago, dealing with compact tactical radars, after we realised that there is a need for such radars for active protection systems on vehicles," Dov Sella, chief-executive of the company, told Armada: "We started dealing with a radar dedicated purely for active protection, but very soon we realised that there is a gap in the radar spread in the battlefield.
The tank is equipped with a laser warning system and is itself coated in IR (infrared) reflective paint to lower the thermal signature, Al-Khalid-II is equipped with an Active Protection System (APS).
Orbital ATK (NYSE: OA), a provider of aerospace and defence technologies, announced on Thursday that it has been granted a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office for the Helicopter Active Protection System (HAPS), a system to protect helicopters against airborne threats.
Canada's interest in an active protection system dates back to 2006, when it asked industry for a system that could be outfitted on a light armoured vehicle.
The netbook also features Lenovo's Active Protection System (APS) which detects sudden changes in motion and temporarily stops the hard drive to help protect data from some crashes that could occur due to everyday notebook accidents.
Roll cages on the W701 and W701ds, carbon glass fiber on the X201s and the Active Protection System in all the laptops help them meet up to eight military specifications for burning and blistery temperatures, shock, high altitude and dust.
WASHINGTON -- The Army's new Active Protection System, which is designed to safeguard soldiers and vehicles from incoming fire, has been named one of the best inventions of 2008 by Time magazine.
The Active Protection System for armoured vehicles detects rocket-propelled grenades and launches a missile to destroy them
Features include the company's Active Protection System, which temporarily parks the hard drive when the notebook falls, to help protect data, as well as spill-resistant keyboards.
The Active Protection System continuously monitors movement of the notebook and stops the hard drive to help protect against damage when a fall or similar event is detected.