active defense

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active air defense

A direct defensive action taken to destroy attacking enemy aircraft or reduce the effectiveness of an air attack. It includes attacking enemy aircraft in air, electronic countermeasures, and action by air defense artillery and surface-to-air missiles, but it excludes passive measures such as camouflage and dispersal. Also called an active defense.
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Army to implement active protection systems that are free of the restrictions imposed by proprietary technologies," said Paul Lemmo, vice president of Fire Control/SOF CLSS at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control.
For the time being the German Bundeswehr opted for a soft-kill active protection system to be installed on its new Pumas infantry fighting vehicles.
Canada's interest in an active protection system dates back to 2006, when it asked industry for a system that could be outfitted on a light armoured vehicle.
The Army's Active Protection System is still in development, but has proven itself in live-fire testing.
The formula's active protection system boasts instant results as well as long-lasting effects.
Known as the Dow Corning Active Protection System, the protective yet breathable textile is already being incorporated into clothing.
Passenger safety is enhanced by an active protection system whereby a roll bar in the rear pops up within a quarter of a second if the car's computer senses a serious accident is about to happen.
7 include Client Security Software, Active Protection System, ThinkVantage System Update, Productivity Centre and Absolute Computrace Integration.
Add to that ThinkPad's Active Protection System, which can detect a sudden acceleration in the notebook's motion (such as falling off a table) and "park" the hard drive in 500 milliseconds to protect it from damage.
ThinkPad's latest "first" is IBM's Active Protection System, a new ThinkVantage Technology introduced just last month that helps protect a system's hard drive, and responds much the same way an air bag protects a vehicle's passengers.
DRS Technologies and Rafael, partners on the Trophy system in the United States and working in close co-operation with General Dynamics Land Systems, successfully integrated the Israeli active protection system into the GDLS Canada LAV III armoured vehicle.
In terms of gadgets, DICE has also announced the Portable Laser Designator and the Man-Portable Active Protection System.