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Destruction of a graft by the immune system of the recipient.

What does it mean when you dream about a rejection?

Rejection in a dream may suggest that there are feelings or situations the dreamer wants to be rid of.

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Given the >10-fold variation in MPA AUC in the early posttransplant period when the risk for acute rejection is greatest, and the well-documented evidence for a relationship between MPA AUC and risk for acute rejection, measurement of this PK parameter can be valuable for the following reasons:
A blinded randomized clinical trial of mycophenolate mofetil for the prevention of acute rejection in cadaveric renal transplantation.
The common clinical presentation of chronic rejection is persistent diarrhea with nonhealing mucosal ulceration often preceded by repeated episodes of acute rejection.
Cox proportional hazard regression analysis showed higher preoperative creatinine level, acute rejection, early postoperative functional status and unsatisfactory rejection surveillance protocol in the first 6 months after transplantation were prominent factors associated with the long-term survival (Table 6, Fig.
To develop novel diagnostic tools to distinguish acute HCV recurrence from acute rejection and to identify specific parameters able to predict severity of recurrence and rapidity of evolution of HCV re-infection
It is important to recognize that infections may occur at any time during the postoperative period and may coexist with edema and acute rejection.
Thymoglobulin, which was introduced to the US market in 1999, is a pasteurized anti-thymocyte rabbit immunoglobulin indicated for the treatment of renal transplant acute rejection, in conjunction with concomitant immunosuppression.
Although he had an episode of acute rejection and has had some side effects from his medications, he has adjusted and is coping well.
Protein Design plans to develop its SMART Anti-CD3 antibody for the treatment of acute rejection in organ transplantation and for treatment of certain autoimmune diseases.
Cyclosporine withdrawal has not been studied in patients who have had severe acute rejection prior to cyclosporine withdrawal, those who require dialysis or have a high serum creatinine, Black patients, patients receiving a repeat kidney transplant, patients receiving other transplanted organs besides the kidney transplant, or patients with antibodies that may be directed against the kidney transplant.
Minnie Sarwal and its first product was the kidney Solid Organ Rejection Test (k-SORT), a gene-based biomarker panel designed to assist doctors in the diagnosis of acute rejection in kidney transplant recipients.
The primary endpoint of the study was a composite endpoint of treatment failure (biopsy-proven acute rejection or BPAR, graft failure, loss to follow up or death that was evaluated after a 12-month treatment period to demonstrate the non-inferiority of LCP-Tacro compared to Prograf.

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