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Adam von Bremen


Died after 1081. North German chronicler. He was a protégé of Archbishop Adalbert of Bremen. His work Actions of the Bishops of Hamburg Church (about 1075, in four books, in Latin) is a valuable source on the history, life, culture, and geography of the Scandinavians and western Slavs and also on the history of Slavic-German relations.


Magistri Adami Bremensis Gesta hammaburgensis ecclesiae pontificum, 3rd. ed. Published by B. Schmeidler. Hannover-Leipzig, 1917.


Vainshtein, O. L. Zapadnoevropeiskaia srednevekovaia istoriografiia. Moscow-Leningrad, 1964. (Bibliography, pp. 175–177.)
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In this new work, the author challenges the traditional interpretation of the Christianization and Europeanization of Scandinavia by converted Viking raiders and proselytizing Christian missionaries who, according to medieval chroniclers like Adam of Bremen, brought the civilizing aspects of the new religion to the barbarian lands in the North.
Else Mundal traces mourning women from a range of textual evidence, with compelling suggestions around the unrecorded obscene songs referred to by Adam of Bremen, and links with fertility cults.
Adam of Bremen, History of the Archbishops of Hamburg-Bremen.
ISBN 0-500-01982-7) which has over 400 articles on almost every aspect of Viking life, from Adam of Bremen to oars, from fames to William the Conqueror.

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