Adam's ale

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Adam’s ale

water; only drink in Paradise. [Folklore: Brewer Dictionary, 9]
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Bonham Label is complementary to our company not only from a regional perspective but to create new growth opportunities for the Adams Wine Group with world-class wine label printing.
Schlumberger said the decision to sell the winery had not been easy, but he was happy the buyer was Steve Adams of the Adams Wine Group.
In 2004 the winery was purchased by Adams Wine Group, who expanded its sourcing to include ultra-premium varietals from Napa Valley and other premier California appellations.
The Adams Wine Group has bought the Sonoma County winery, 60 acres of vineyards and the winery's private label business for an undisclosed sum, believed to be well in excess of $10 million.
posted its eighth consecutive year of growth in 2001, despite the effects of a recession and a sharp slowdown in the travel and hospitality industries after September 11, according to the 2002 edition of the just-released Adams Wine Handbook published by Adams Beverage Group.
Owned by Adams Wine Group since 2004, the winery produces four core brands including the flagship Adler Fels Wines, Big Ass, Leaping Lizard, and Coyote Creek as well as more than 100 private and control label brands produced for national retail, restaurant and hospitality customers.
Our most recent numbers, as published this summer in Adams Liquor Handbook 2002, Adams Wine Handbook 2002 and Adams Beer Handbook 2002 show that despite the troubled economy and the American public's concerns about terrorism, the beverage alcohol business came out of 2001 in pretty good shape.
Now it's time for a quick peek at the results from the recently published Adams Wine Handbook 1999 and Adams Beer Handbook 1999 and there's some encouraging news in each.
The wine shipping issue has been a contentious one in New Jersey, the fifth largest state for wine consumption, according to Adams Wine Handbook 2007.
A report in the 2002 Adams Wine Handbook noted that table wine was the only wine category to grow last year, with an 88.
More people are taking advantage of the wines available in Utah in recent years according to data from the Adams Wine Handbook 1999.
Since the wine industry's legislative-litigation-PR strategy was implemented in 1998, the number of states allowing winery-to-consumer shipments has increased from 17 to 37 states, which represent 83% of wine consumption (source: Adams Wine Handbook, 2006 table wine consumption figures).