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(Alesis Digital Audio Tape) A digital audio recording technology from Alesis, LLC, Cumberland, RI ( In 1992, Alesis introduced the first 8-track digital tape recording system. It used S-VHS cassettes and was later known as the "Black Face" machine.

Widely deployed in recording studios around the world, ADAT machines were made in 16-bit Type I and 20-bit Type II models. Multiple units can be linked together via a fiber cable, and PC and Mac expansion cards provide a digital audio link to the units. In 2002, Alesis introduced a 24-track ADAT hard disk recorder and later ceased production of the tape recorders. See MDM.



(Arabic, custom), customary law among the Muslim peoples, as opposed to religious law, sharia. Many of the norms of adat—such as blood feuds and adoptive brotherhood—took shape when tribal relations were dominant. The decisions of courts of arbitration and the resolutions of meetings of rural communes played an important role in the formation and development of adat. The differences in local conditions account for the extreme diversity of adat. The norms of adat, which embody democratic principles to a certain extent, lost their initial character with the development of feudal relations; like feudal law, they were widely employed for the exploitation of workers.

In the USSR those norms of adat and sharia which contradict the norms of Soviet law are illegal. Certain actions sanctioned by adat are considered criminal by Soviet law, such as blood feuds, the acceptance of ransom to free one from blood feuds, bride money, and so on. The norms of adat which do not contradict Soviet law, such as wedding ritual, are considered custom.


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The thoracic support adjusts to support shoulder blades and allow free rotation of head and shoulders," Adat said.
The Digidesign ADAT Interface is now available at Digidesign dealers worldwide.
The ADAT s MRO business will be the base of a new engine company, with prospects of serving several future customers, including Rolls Royce and GE.
ADAT MAKES STRIDES SR Technics' sister company Adat recently signed contracts with Turkish carrier Onur Air and one of Africa's foremost air transportation companies, Ethiopian Airlines.
Lucas Mollan, Managing Director, Thomas Cook Aircraft Engineering, said; "We continue to place our confidence in both ADAT and SR Technics as our maintenance partners due to their remarkable track record and high quality standards.
Gayle Insel, president of Adat Chaverim, was relieved to find the congregation after seeing an advertisement in L.
James Hogan, Etihad Airways President and Chief Executive Officer, said: ADAT has been a vital partner to the UAE national carrier over the past five years.
Liana Chua's lively and engaging The Christianity of Culture illuminates a story of conversion from Adat Gawai to diverse forms of Christianity: Anglican, Catholic, and Sidang Injil Borneo (SIB, formerly Borneo Evangelical Mission) within a Bidayuh community.
Adat has performed more than 30 heavy maintenance checks for Thomson Airways since 2009.
The primary agreement, for ICS (Integrated Component Support), covers the Repair Management and Forward Component Exchange and will see ADAT provide Total Material Support to flydubai's entire fleet.
After battling through five nights of exciting play, Adat, who were first crowned champions in 2009, overcame ADH 7-6 in the penalty shoot-out to win their second crown.
Honeywell will provide materials, training and technical support to ADAT and SR Technics to provide component maintenance services including asset management to airline operators.